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HPM: Merima's Family Meme by eyestea HPM: Merima's Family Meme by eyestea
been meaning to get around finishing this for some time now!
seriously. would not believe how long i've had this sketched out... :s
am i even allowed to submit this? technically she ain't a furret but asdfd i dun even know anymore...

Anywho~! So from left to right we have...

Merima Wiliams - 28 - Jolly - Quick to flee - Run Away
A very merry, carefree spirit whom rarely ever thinks about consequences of her actions, often preferring to act on impulse and live life by the moment. I'm sure ya'll know her by now~ But here she is before she 'accidentally' evolved into a furret and had to move out.

Orah Baumann - 49 - Serious - Strong Willed - Pickup
Very much an old-fashioned/traditional, strict and no-nensense woman, Orah is incredibly blunt and as straight as an arrow. Very stubborn and is unable to adapt to change very well; it's usually "her way or the high way"; everything she does must be done by-the-book, or in an otherwise very specific way. Orah does most, if not all, of the work at her Miltank ranch, and leaves her husband in change of taking care of her parents' farm, although they do switch the workload from time to time. She is also very much a worry-wart, and often fears for the safety/well-being of those whom are close to her. Being the only "serious" one in her immediate family, Orah is often at a loss as to what do do about her husband and daughters' lax and "flighty" behaviours. She prays that her next child will be one whom is much more 'down to earth'.

Darrian Williams - 56 - Lax - Often dozes off - Run Away
Once upon a time before quitting his job and marrying his wife, he was once a uni. professor. Now he helps out with his wife's ranch whilst managing Orah's deceased parents' farm. Also writes research papers on the side about wildlife and biology and stuff. Somewhat of a pushover, Darrian is a lax individual whom is very accepting of others, often turning a blind eye to any wrongdoings one may have done in their lives. He hates seeing others quarrel around him and always seems to mysteriously vanish into thin air whenever there's an argument going on the the house hold... He is also the type of person who'd be willing to put away his own happiness just to see another smile. He loves his wife very much and would do almost anything for her as the mere thought of even slightly upsetting his wife greatly 'intimidates' him...

Meka Williams - 11 - Bold - Mischievious - Pickup
Bit of a prankster and very much a "daddy's girl", Darrian would do/get anything his little zigzagoon wanted; Meka is well aware of this fact and tries to exploit this as much as she can. Other than dad -- and sometimes mom -- Meka take orders from no one, and does what she wants when she wants. And with Merima's absence combined with her parents switching roles working between the ranch and her grandparents farm, she usually gets away with it too. To her, life is just one big game -- it's all in good fun.
1wordinsane Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Oooh I really like this, even without looking at the descriptions, I can have a grasp on their personalities. More so they look like a very close family~
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